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            Our Clients

            The Whistleblower Experience

            Whistleblowers make a brave decision to reject silence in order to expose wrongdoing and fraud against the government.  It’s not easy, but it is important.  Successful whistleblower cases return hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the government each year.  Whistleblowers are compensated with a percentage of those returns, but moving forward with a case is no guarantee for a reward and should not be undertaken without experienced whistleblower attorneys.

            Choosing the Right Legal Counsel

            Success Stories

            Below, current and former clients of the James Hoyer law firm share their thoughts and experiences to provide insight for those facing the same choices they did.  Click on their whistleblower cases to hear more.

            Peggy Ryan – Big Pharma Whistleblower

            Endo Health Solutions and its subsidiary Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. will pay $192.7 million to settle civil and criminal charges that the company illegally marketed a pain treatment patch called Lidoderm.  The settlement comes after an Endo insider blew the whistle on the company’s efforts to market Lidoderm off-label, for uses far beyond its approved indication.

            Whistleblower Peggy Ryan, who is represented by the James Hoyer law firm, was an Endo sales person hired in 2002 to sell Lidoderm.  She became concerned when the company pressured her to sell the drug off-label.  The pain patch was only approved to treat symptoms of Post Herpetic Neuralgia, a rare disease which is a complication of Shingles.  “Lidoderm had not been proven safe or effective for other uses, but the company pushed me and all the other sales people to sell Lidoderm for everything from low back pain, to carpel tunnel syndrome to neuralgia, and I just did not feel comfortable doing that,” Ryan said.  Click here to read more.

            Clark Bolton – Healthcare Whistleblower

            clark-bolton-playClark Bolton was one of four whistleblowers in the $137.5 million WellCare settlement with the Department of Justice.  The settlement resolved claims that WellCare inflated what it said the company paid for medical care to avoid returning money to Medicaid and knowingly kept over-payments from Florida’s Medicaid program.

            In 2007, Clark Bolton moved his family from Connecticut to Florida after taking the job as Supervisor of Special Investigations for WellCare at its headquarters in Tampa.  Not long after starting his new position, he realized something was wrong. Clark spoke up and tried to get WellCare to do the right thing, but his efforts were rebuffed. Click here to learn more about  Clark Bolton and hear him describe his whistleblower experience in his own words.

            Lt Col Timothy Ferner – Military Whistleblower

            ferner-playRetired Air Force Lt Col Timothy Ferner is a rare breed.  He is one of the few military officers to come forward as a whistleblower, putting his career on the line, to expose waste and abuse. His successful case gives hope to many other military officers and enlisted men and women who’ve tried to report concerns through the chain of command, only to be ostracized and retaliated against for trying to do the right thing.

            As the result of a whistleblower suit filed by Lt Col Ferner, major defense contractor Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) agreed to pay the U.S. Government nearly $6 million to settle allegations that it circumvented the bidding process and induced the Air Force to award the company lucrative contracts.  Click here to learn more about Lt Col Ferner’s experience in his own words.

            Hospital Whistleblower Case

            The James Hoyer law firm was lead counsel in the $7 million settlement of a whistleblower lawsuit against a hospital in Florida.  The defendants agreed to settle allegations that their compensation agreements with certain employed physicians did not comply with federal law.

            A former employee of the facility filed the federal False Claims Act suit in Tampa in July of 2011.  The employee alleged that certain physician compensation agreements between the defendants and employed physicians did not comply with the federal Stark statute, which regulates the financial relationships between hospitals and their referring physicians.  Federal law requires hospitals to comply with the Stark statute in order to participate in the Medicaid and Medicare programs.  Click here to read more.