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              James-Hoyer: Firm News

            Partner Jesse Hoyer Speaks at American Bar Association Conference

            Partner Jesse Hoyer took part in a panel at the American Bar Association’s 2019 False Claims Act and Qui Tam Trial Institute at Fordham University on June 20th. The False Claims Act mock trial gave attendees a rare look at a whistleblower trial from start to finish, including how jurors come to their verdict. Attorneys more »

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            James Hoyer Investigator Speaks at National Investigative Reporters Conference

            Every year, the national Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) conference brings together many of the best investigative reporters in the United States and abroad. More than 2000 journalists attended IRE 2019 in Houston to learn investigative techniques and develop story ideas. High on the list: stories about fraud. James Hoyer Investigator and Communications Director Angie more »

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            Endo Pharma Faces Suit for Opioid False Claims

            Endo Pharmaceuticals, the same company which was at the center of a $193 million settlement with one of James Hoyer’s whistleblower clients, is now facing another major legal battle. The Tennessee Attorney General is suing Endo for making unlawful and false claims about the safety and benefits of its opioid products. The AG’s office says more »

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            Supreme Court Deals Worker Rights Another Blow

            The fight for worker rights took another blow today.  The Supreme Court ruled employees at a California company could not band together in an effort to get compensation from their employer for a breach of their data.  The 5-4 decision put yet another limitation on the ability to use class arbitration and class actions against more »

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            Attorney Jesse Hoyer Fights Fraud, carrying on firm legacy

            Attorney Jesse Hoyer is a partner and shareholder of the James Hoyer law firm. She carries on the legacy of her parents, former prosecutors who founded the firm. Watch the video below to learn more about her. Jesse’s main area of practice is False Claims Act – Whistleblower litigation, which is essentially fighting fraud against more »

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            Rare Case of Patient Whistleblower leads to Successful Settlement

            [*See video below on coverage of the settlement on WFLA channel 8 in Tampa. James Hoyer Attorney Jesse Hoyer is interviewed*] SARASOTA, FL – The action of one patient who recognized possible fraud against Medicare led to this settlement which returns nearly one million dollars to taxpayers.  Vital Life Institute LLC, known as AgeVital Pharmacy more »

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            What to do when work related issues threaten your job

            When you’re facing issues at work, it can be scary and confusing. Wrongful termination. Discrimination. Retaliation. Witnessing fraud. James Hoyer Employment Lawyer Dave Scher explains what to do and how to get help. Dave Scher leads the James Hoyer Employment law division. Click here to learn more about Dave and to contact him directly for more »

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            Employment Lawyer Dave Scher explains how he helps clients

            Attorney Dave Scher leads the James Hoyer Employment Law division. His philosophy stems from the simple belief that it’s a privilege to help people. Watch the video below to hear from Dave personally on why he practices employment law and how he helps his clients. Click here to learn more about Dave and to contact more »

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            James Hoyer Attorney & Whistleblower Client Featured on American Greed Episode

            James Hoyer Of Counsel Attorney David Haron and his client George Karadsheh were featured in an encore presentation of American Greed: Diagnosis Blood Money. Karadsheh blew the whistle to expose one of the most heinous medical fraud cases of our day. Dr. Farid Fata told patients they had cancer when they did not in order more »

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            James Hoyer Partner Leads Panel Discussion at TAF Conference

            James Hoyer partner Elaine Stromgren had the honor of leading a panel on statistical sampling at this year’s annual Taxpayers Against Fraud conference in Washington D.C.  Statistical sampling can be an essential tool in False Claims Act cases, especially when the fraud is too widespread to prove each false claim on an individual basis. Elaine more »

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